Mother Earth

Mother Earth

First of all I have to say that this post will be full of typos and other errors because I´m typing on a keyboard with half the letters rubbed off, and it´s in Spanish. ) If it wasn´t for the Conquistadors I´d be writing in Qatchua.) So please forgive me!
I´m sitting in our lovely hotel in Machu Piccu. We spent the day climbing among the ruins here. It was magnificent. Our group of 7 has already taken in so much of Peru and we still have a 6 days to go!

I just keep using the word ¨stunning¨reálizing that I´ve got to come up with another word to describe what we have seen, but I´m hard pressed to do so. Each day is more beautiful than the one before.

We arrived last Sunday night June 7 and it was quickly on to Cusco from Lima. When we stepped out of the airplane in Cusco the air had a stillness to it I´ve never experienced. At 12,500 feet, the altitude was up there! But it didn´t effect me in a negativeve way. Rather I think I felt a little high. I don´t know if it was the air or the beauty.
Cusco is said to be the old spiritual center of the country. It has a feel of Nepal or Tibet in the way the energy moves. Stunning. Unfortunatly, all the major Incan sites were destroyed by the Spanish who, in turn, built Catholic Churches over the ruins of the Incan Temples. At least they knew were the spiritual energy was…

But I digress…
One really funny thing…hot stone massage Incan style. Fellow travelers Ann, Melissa and I decided to try this out. Three of us in one room with three young Peruvian girls. I was face down on my table listening to the lilting sounds of Enya when suddenly my girl hopped up on my table and planted her feet on my butt and began some sort of introduction to the massage with her hands and feet alternatively walking on me and squatting over me. I hadn´t even seen her face! It was just so hysterical to me I began laughing with my face down in a hole in the table. It was one of those uncontrollable laughing fits. Melissa and Ann couldn´t see me as their faces were buried in the their holes too. I was laughing too hard to explain what was going on , but they soon found out! Finally she hopped down and I was able to see the face of the sweet young thing, Marie, who introduced herself to me by walking on my back.

This had to be the deepest massage I´ve ever had. As I didn´t know how to say ‘ not so hard,¨ I would say ¨no mas forte¨ — sounded good to me! She would just look at me and say, ¨mas forte?¨ oy….it was so funny. And actually a really good massage!

Oh now back to the trip! Pisac. Wonderful market. Bumped into a past life soul mate named Jose Luis. (I love when this happens!) and on to the amazing (and, ok, stunning) Sacred Valley. As soon as I can I´ll post photos and more comments.

But before this we had seen the ruins at Saxxywaman – yes, stunning. You see, everything here is so overwhelmingly gorgeous and moving that it´s hard to keep track of. I could have spent three days in each spot so far and still not have seen or felt enough. There is so much to take in and so much to appreciate.

I fell in love with a rock at the ruins of Olataytambo. I do believe it is the sister of another rock I love so much in Avebury. Somehow they were separated at birth and one landed in England and the other in Peru. Not so far fetched when you see these sites.

Our guide, Amaru Li, has arranged the most beautiful trip for us, down to the very last detail. The hotels are the best in the country, including a place called The Bountiful Lodge in Olataytambo. It´s run by a fantastic guy named Emillio who is half Chinese and half Peruvian and 100 percent awesome. The Lodge in on a rushing river with those enormous rocks and the Andes for a backdrop. Um…stunning.

So, tomorrow morning we will arrive back to Machu Piccu for sunrise around 6:30 a.m. I know a few hundred others will be there too, but I am so honored to be among them. When we arrived at Machu Piccu this morning  thought to myself, well, now I´ve seen everything. At 46 I have seen so much — of this world — and others.  I can´t even begin to understand how blessed I am.

More soon…adios. Buenas noche. (please forgive typos!!)