Vastu Your Home or Office with Michael Mastro

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Date(s) - 06/23/2018 - 06/24/2018
8:00 am - 8:00 pm

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images I met American Vastu Mater Michael Mastro many years ago when he would come to my bookstore, breathe books, to hold talks on the ancient Indian art of direction and placement called Vastu Shastra. Just like its Chinese counterpart, Feng Shui, Vastu can improve your health, quality of life, relationships, wealth and just have an overall healing affect on your life. By aligning your living and working space with the prevailing energies, you will find great ease of wellbeing. 

I have had the unbelievable luck to work with Michael on two houses and my store. We love what he created in our spaces through the use of yantras, mantras, puja, directional and boundary corrections in our home and to our property. His good advice rings in our ears and the mantras he recommended play in our house. 

YOU can have this same experience! Michael will be here from San Diego for two days – Saturday and Sunday June 23 & 24. Do yourself a favor and engage him to work with you and your space. 

michael mastroMichael writes: The on-site consultation takes about one hour. During that time I make corrections outside and in that helps to balance finances, career, health, and relationships. All products, which include yantras and other items are included in the consultation fee. I then do a special puja that is specifically done to energize all the yantras and to clear any stress from the client’s home. Please note that any clutter in the home or office is of no concern to me. I will work around it. I don’t want people to feel self-conscious about this as the Vastu consultation will free up energy in the home and within the person to allow more focus and ability to organize and clear clutter. The corrections I make will be very transformational on all levels, even with any rooms that are not clean or organized.

I will send a in-depth report within one weeks time via email explaining the corrections aiv_logo2implemented at the time of the appointment. There is NO remodeling recommended. This is ALL done without demolition. Success has been experienced by thousands worldwide. I will check in with each client via email after a month, and again in three months to see if the client’s challenges and quality of life are improving and if there are any questions or concerns.

You can read more about Michael HERE: and here:

Michael has worked with people such as Bill Gates and officials in India. Please email him right away to set up an appointment.
Cost: $500