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DSC02865 Individual Ayurvedic Consultations and Marma Therapy Sessions with Susan Weis-Bohlen

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129981973604843750  Ayurveda is the 5000-year-old Indian Science of Health and Healing. Learn how to heal yourself through food, daily routine, pranayama, meditation and yoga.

Ayurveda says Food is Medicine

You can change your life by incorporating Ayurvedic life-style tools and techniques into  your daily routine. Even small adjustments can have a huge impact! Let me help you find the way. During a private consultation, we determine your dosha (mind/body constitution) through pulse diagnosis and questions and answers. We’ll take a deep look at your current balance and imbalances, see how your lifestyle works for or against you, and talk about what you can do about it. I work with you to create a plan to restore you to full harmony and balance. You’ll learn how to come back to your natural way of being through food choices and nutrition, daily routine, behavior, exercise, meditation, breath work, career choices, family lifestyle and more. Individual Marma therapy sessions are also available. See below. *Ayurvedic Bundles Sign up for a “bundle” that works best for you! Whether you are looking for a series of three sessions to get you onto the Ayurvedic path, or are looking for a more in-depth experience including cooking classes, shopping trips, Marma therapy, and personalized meditation instruction, there is a plan for you.  Call me free 15-minute phone consultation to determine which bundle is right for you! I’ll help you determine your needs and choose the right Vedic journey for you. Email me at *All the plans can be customized to suit your needs. This means we can create any sort of package you need. Please note that three sessions is the minimum package. Ayurveda can be complex so I find that less then three sessions is not beneficial to the client.  3 Months of Vedic Wellness: Kick start your Ayurvedic Life-Style
  • Initial Consultation (1.5 hours) to create your daily routine and nutrition plan
  • 2 Follow-up sessions (one hour each)
    • Sessions include daily routine; nutritional counseling; meditation coaching; Vedic lifestyle counseling; Pranayama (breath-work); whatever you need at the time
  • Additional Email and Phone Coaching available (up to 30 minutes)
  • Cost: $450
6 Months of Vedic Wellness: Create an on-going daily routine
  • Initial Consultation (1.5 hours)
  • 2 Follow-up Sessions (one hour each). Sessions include daily routine; nutritional counseling; meditation coaching; Vedic lifestyle counseling; Pranayama (breath-work); whatever you need at the time
  • Grocery Shopping (two venues)
  • Personalized Seasonal Cleanse
  • One Marma Therapy Session
  • Cooking Class in your home or mine (can add additional people for $40 each)
  • Private meditation coaching session
  • Email and Phone Coaching available (up to one hour)
  • Cost: $825
A Year of Vedic Wellness: Delve Deeply into your New Ayurvedic Life Plan
  • Initial Consultation (1.5 hours)
  • 5 Follow-up Sessions (one hour each)
  • Grocery Shopping (two venues)
  • 2 Personalized Seasonal Cleanses
  • Two Marma Therapy Sessions
  • Cooking Class in your home or mine (can add additional people for $40 each)
  • Private Meditation coaching session
  • Vastu Shastra Advice (Vedic Feng Shui)
  • Email and Phone Coaching available (up to two hours)
  • 10% discount on herbs, oils and supplements
  • Cost: $1500
 Marma Therapy Session siddha-marma-dec
 Marma accesses vital energy points located on the surface of the body. Through touch on specific points, with specific fingers, tuning forks and the placement of crystals, Marma therapy can ignite your inner pharmacy to heal many ailments including aches and pains, stress and anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues and more, by creating balance and harmony in your mind and body.
Here are some benefits of Marma:
  • Stimulates cellular intelligence and neuro-chemical healing 
  • Enhances cellular communication 
  • Therapeutically influences the circulatory system 
  • Improves organ function 
  • Relieves pain 
  • Balances Ojas, Tejas and Prana, the subtle energies of the mind 
  • Deeply relaxes and rejuvenates
Pricing: $60 for 30 minute treatment $75 for 45 minute treatment $90 for 1 hour treatment Please call 410-979-2096 or email to schedule a session.  Susan Weis-Bohlen is a Certified Instructor of Ayurveda through the Chopra Center for Wellbeing in California. She has also completed an Ayurvedic Pulse Reading Intensive and Marma Therapy with Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico. In November 2015, Susan spent 6-weeks studying with Dr. Lad in his clinical practice in Pune, India. She also studied and works with Ayurvedic cookbook author and lifestyle teacher Amadea Morningstar. Susan began practicing Ayurveda in 2007, lost over 60 pounds and lowered her cholesterol by 80 points.  We can set up a FREE 15-minute phone consultation to talk about which bundle is right for you. I’ll help you determine your needs and choose the right Vedic journey. Email me at or call 410-979-2096. Payment plans can be arranged. You will be charged a $60 fee if you do not show up for your session and do not cancel at least 24-hours in advance.