Abraham on You Tube

Go to this link (http://youtube.com/watch?v=CFp-iPSPplE) when you have nine minutes to spare – or just create those nine minutes. How much do I love Abraham??! And Esther and Jerry Hicks?! On this video clip Abraham explains with pure honesty, and in their typical no holds barred fashion, what happened between them and Rhonda Byrne, the producer of The Secret.

As you may know, we began selling The Secret in June, 2006. This was the original version with Abraham basically (and beautifully) narrating the film. In September we were notified that there was a new version of The Secret which we could distinguish from the original version as it said in tiny little letters on the back “extended version” – even though it was an edited version.

I have to say, I still have not watched this version. Esther and Jerry sent out an email explaining what was going on. I found five original copies on my shelf and I removed them. I felt I was honoring Esther and Jerry by doing so. Those DVDs now live in my house.

I am a HUGE fan of the Hick’s. I read Ask and It Is Given about a month after I opened breathe books in late 2004. I was astounded. This was pretty much how I had been living my life for decades and now I had a framework for it. And I saw that I could even more intentionally direct my vibrations and be even more abundant in every way. I feel like my eyes were just open so wide when I was reading the book. It was magical and logical at the same time.

I became an evangelist for Ask and It Is Given. I saw how Wayne Dyer had been using (and properly attributing) these teachings for years. I read Napolean Hill, Catherine Ponder, John Randolph, Wallace Wattles, Lynn Grabhorn and others who wrote about and lived The Law of Attraction.

Now, I loved The Secret when I first saw it. I felt excited and motivated and so happy that it was put into such an accessible format. We screened it here numerous times. (We always show the original version as I feel Abraham is the heart and soul of the movie).

Then Abraham was gone and this huge marketing push happened on Larry King, Ellen, the Today Show, People Magazine, etc. and it really seemed to reduce this amazingly powerful Law of the Universe to basically “how to get rich”. The aggressive marketing made me sour a bit towards the movie. But I know Rhonda Byrne got rich. And I know we sold close to 1000 DVDs.

I got over my negative feelings when I saw how it was so positively affecting my customers. People got the message that they were in control of their lives and they had the power to change it. And people began asking me – so what’s next? How do I apply The Law of Attraction? That was beautiful. So I would direct them to Esther and Jerry’s channellings of Abraham.

Anyway – I really just wanted to pass on this You Tube video – I didn’t mean to get on an Abraham soapbox!!

so – enjoy, love and create whatever you want. The Universe is keeping everything you want in your escrow account just waiting for to ask for it and RECEIVE…